I got so excited when I saw a sneak peek on someone's photoshoot on Instagram that totally was inspired by the whole Moonrise Kingdom/woodland/outdoorsy vibe. You know.. think feathers (those bird costumes), scout uniforms, plaid shirts, gingham picnic dresses etcetc.
So innocent and childlike, just like the 2 young protagonists venturing away from home. It really reminds me of the stories I used to read about when I was a kid, about Swallows & Amazons, creating their amazing adventures in the outdoors.
Been having a bit of wanderlust envy lately, and yet I want to go out there & explore these far flung places like Kosovo, Lake Como, Shangri-la, Burma, sand dunes in Vietnam, mountains & temples in Indonesia. For now, this movie lets me escape to those times of innocence & daydreaming.