One of my fav artists Yayoi Kusama is doing a collaboration with Louis Vuitton of all people. But yeah, I remember watching this documentary abt Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton, and he met the artist in Tokyo some back. Her art is pretty iconic, so I think it'll be quite a hit! The capsule collection runs for about 2-3 months at each pop-up LV store across the world.
Will this be the next thing for high-end designers? To do collaborations with artists to promote their brand? Cos we all know who first pushed the collab idea, it was H&M right..? Or Target?
Looks like luxury brands are really pushing for presence everywhere these days! And trying to stay relevant!.. Hmm, as if they didn't have enough of a marketing budget anyways..

Who knew it would turn out to be a Jessie J inspired look?