Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Still a great trend from Spring - Metallics are here to stay! Oh I do hope so. They've become the new neutral tones, where it's okay to wear them in the day, paired with some tailored pants or pleated shorts. Anything with a touch of bling is always a great classic piece to me. Just keep it simple & preferably in 1 tone per outfit!


So Marvel comics, so Wolverine!

Lucio Fontana & Zaha Hadid

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Sure, this blog is not completely about fashion, but I think that that world comprises of something far bigger. To me, fashion is a lifestyle- something that covers everything from cool interiors in a new bar, to the latest art exhibit to business ideas to an amazing life full of content & happiness doing what you love.
The problem is trying to listen to others who think they know who you are.
Because at the very essence of doing what you love, is YOU.

I came into this business knowing exactly what I've been doing with my life this whole time. I love the mix of business & art, work & leisure, happiness & frustration. It's not been an easy ride, but I do very much believe in what I do. I have an awesome product, a renewed sense of retail & I want to keep doing this til I die.

It's not really completely about frou-frou design stuff for me. I want to bring something practical & wearable to people, but I also want to challenge them to try something different.
I love fashion, but I'm also the most practical person in the world sometimes. I love shoes that fit my wide (webbed) feet, don't fall apart, are still kind of funky, which I can go clubbing in & still be the last girl standing! I love brands like Nine West, Anne Klein & GH Bass cos they are soo comfortable & still fashionable. Others may think my style is a bit auntie (right now, practically all my shoes are Anne Klein), but maybe I'm just practical.

I love brands like Zara because they are fashion forward & affordable, but I usually only end up buying all their LS printed blouses & blazers. I love jeans from Mek Denim (ok biased here), Club Monaco, and Kill City. T shirts & tops from Urban Outfitters. Cool stuff from River Island. Vintage accessories from all over. Dresses from those cute Korean American brands sold on Melrose Avenue. Club Monaco was my #1 brand back in Canada cos it was so cheap there & they had a massive sale section every 3 weeks. So why isn't there a brand like that that's both quality & affordable in Singapore?
I want URARAA to be THAT brand that's fashionable, affordable & produces quality products. And best of all, reliable, because I think that's me too.


Monday, June 11, 2012


Snaps from the Blueprint Emporium market event back in May! Booths from designers like Mae Pang, Timo Weiland, Jonathan Simkhai, Yeojin Bae, as well as pop-up stores by Nana & bird, Butter Factory's Nightvision Online, Granny's Day Out! Photos from their Facebook page. I didn't manage to go, but it does look pretty cool! I hope they could possibly make this a regular market event, as they have the marketing to attract the crowds and push for a prominent & cool fashion shopping event in Singapore.


Went to Brightspot Market in Jakarta for the weekend. It's a huge bi-annual market full of booths selling items that are designed by Indonesian labels and mainly made locally as well. There was everything from denim to jewellery to women's dresses to food. Great vibe & atmosphere that gave a really unique shopping experience. Reminded me of UNIQUE LA, or some of the market weeks at the Cal mart in Los Angeles. I suppose the closest we have here is MAAD which happens like every month at the Red Dot Museum, or some of the other ad hoc market events like Public Garden & Creme. However, not quite as large scale!
 Jakarta is a very vibrant city- everyone dresses up to go to the mall! You can find pretty much anything there, like the Eames exhibit where they replicated the Eames house full of Eames furniture. Also, amazing restaurants with a lot of attention to detail in the decor, antique shopping streets, wholesale markets and dilapidated buildings in the Old City Kota Tua.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Oohh.. awesome visuals, classic story & the world of fairytales & fantasy. Kirsten Stewart was no doubt born for this role! Glamorous in the shoot for Vanity Fair, and as down-to-earth as Snow White in the film. Definitely looking forward to this one!


Cool, not-so pretentious fashion.. That's what these girls at ERIIN are doing for their online store. Selling independent labels such as RBRTH, Al & Alicia, Kahlo and other Asian & Australian brands at pretty affordable prices, the ERIIN girls are bringing a little bit of easy fashion items to your doorstep! Definitely inspired to organize an event & to do more collaborations with other creatives! Holler!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Wish I had even more closeups of her outfits, but I think you get the gist! meat couches, meat dress, bike with her head attached to it etc. Too cool to be true! Wish there had been MORE! xx