Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Okok.. I'm so stoked for the Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball, heading to Singapore this coming Monday!
My friends & I managed to grab tickets for the 1st day before it was sold and before they started adding 2 more days for the gig here. I'm not sure what I'll be wearing (but I will definitely be dressing up!)
I did however come across the Versace Fall 2012 campaign and it totally looked like it was inspired by her "Edge of Glory" MTV or something..? The blunt bangs, fishnet stockings, goth look, industrial chains etc. Okay, maybe a very toned-down version, but I'm completely not surprised here. She is a daring boundary pusher alright!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Yeah I know she didn't win The Voice, but her style was just plain awesome!. From the super grungy 70s rock vibe to sophisticated padded & studded evening gowns to some really goth-looking Victoria's Secret-esque wings, this girl embodied the whole modern rocker girl to the core! I loved how she really used her dresses/costumes? as part of the whole stage performance, like her wings & the cape that was part of her red dress. She really reminded me of Florence Welch at certain points; you can really tell she has great stage presence. Plus, her gritty voice was one of a kind. I'm so sad the show ended..

anyway, here's my showcase of the lead singer of Automatic Loveletter's style -


Audi fashion week was a better event that I went to see - the RAOUL FW 2012 fashion show. Lots of 60's influence with the geometric graphic prints, houndstooth, oranges & greens, and mod dresses. I'm not a big fan of the 60's but I can see the trend carrying on for Fall 2012 too. I liked the styling of the hair & the makeup for the models - topknot braided buns & thick doe-eyed eyeliner.
And of course there were plenty of people to look at too! Ashley Islam was there, along with Dick Lee, Shabnam Melwani (from the JayGee group), of course the Benjamins, and Tallulah Harlech (fashion "it" girl, eeps, I've never heard of her before!).


Went to Blueprint trade show to have a peek over the past week. Here are some shots from the fashion shows featuring local designer labels like SUNDAYS, Elohim & Possi-tilly-ty. The trade show was still very small, with a focus on Singapore & regional design labels. Price points were pretty high for retail, honestly, very nice to look at, but I wouldn't spend that much money on accessories:(

I didn't have much a chance to check out the Blueprint Emporium sale event, but think that might have been a better call. & more fun! I'm not sure this tradeshow thing will really take off in Singapore, considering the market is too small, they are selling Cruise collections (who buys this?) and there weren't really many buyers there. I did really like the collections that are shown below though!