We have great new dresses & jewellery in our online store! Bit by bit it's slowly being filled up. I've got many more items on the way, but hey you know it takes time & money to build up merchandise!
Here are some of the latest offerings at and would love any feedback!:)

Jamie Cutout Dress in Dusty Vintage

Jamie Cutout Dress in Neon Vintage

Taylor Wrap Dress in Cobalt Print

Taylor Wrap Dress in Brick Red Print

Blake Empire Dress in Teal

Blake Empire Dress in Nude

Madison Tiered Babydoll Dress

Alexis Crochet Dress in Coral

Alexis Crochet Dress in Light Grey

That said, I'm very grateful for my other job that really helps to pay the bills, otherwise this site would not be functioning. I wish sometimes things could be easier to get going, but everybody has to start somewhere!
Besides, I think that fashion has evolved in leaps & bounds in the past few years that I've come back to Singapore. We have many more young emerging designers, plenty of online blogshops and frequent launches of international designers setting up stores here. I'm excited to know what the future brings for the fashion industry here! And glad that I am a part of it~ xo