Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Gosh, I don't know how I got into this topic, but I was really researching places on where to shop in Bali & writing an email to a friend, and I thought about some of the awesome shopping streets that I've been to. I've really become less & less of a mall person because you get some really unique pieces at these independent boutiques on shopping streets. Not only is the shopping great, but the whole vibe of the street is very artsy, funky & laidback, which is exactly what I like.
Like what we have on Haji Lane here in Singapore, there are some really funky & iconic shopping streets in many other parts of the world:

1) Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne
Home to some of the best op shops (vintage shops!), little cafes & bars. Check out Friperie & Circa Vintage



2) Queen Street West, Toronto
A mix of chain stores like Club Monaco, vintage & sports fashion shops, and is a short walk from the downtown Eaton centre. Check out Te Koop, Pull, Aritzia.


3) Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles
One pretty long street that houses the Melrose Fairfax Trading Post market on Sundays, cool vintage shops, cheap & cute sundresses, expensive boutiques down the further end of the street. Starts from La Brea Avenue to around Robertson Boulevard. Keep driving, the shops go from cheap to expensive, you will be spoilt for choices! Check out Gossip, Slow & Wasteland. Kill City for some great skinny jeans.

4) Seminyak, Bali
Cool resort style clothing for tropical beach towns or sunny places this side of the equator! Check out Body & Soul, Indigo & Rose, Bamboo Blonde. Many brands are local, from Australia or very Australian-inspired.

Okay, I could really go in depth into some of these places. I could possibly do shopping guides on Los Angeles, Melbourne & Hong Kong. Those are some of the really cool places that I got to shop a lot at. In fact, friends usually ask me for suggestions on where to go when they're travelling there!
I suppose it's strange but I should do a shopping guide for Singapore, although most of the time I don't really go shopping in Singapore! Kind of sad but true. The only place I go shopping at these days in Zara & of course, raiding my sample room.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hehe. Halloween is such a big thing for fashion people isn't it? We like to dress up and what other better occasion to express our creativity & wear some extravagant clothes? What other day is it okay to dress up in a crazy get-up & then wish you could do it everyday? Of course, if you're a true fashion lover, every day is just a normal day to get all dressed up - look at Lady Gaga, Anna Dello Russo & Daphne Guinness. If I had all this money & time, surely I'd wear something spectacular hands-down every day!
Well, my costume this year is inspired by this photoshoot of the latest color trends of red & black and some serious feathers & burlesque style.. can you guess?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We have great new dresses & jewellery in our online store! Bit by bit it's slowly being filled up. I've got many more items on the way, but hey you know it takes time & money to build up merchandise!
Here are some of the latest offerings at and would love any feedback!:)

Jamie Cutout Dress in Dusty Vintage

Jamie Cutout Dress in Neon Vintage

Taylor Wrap Dress in Cobalt Print

Taylor Wrap Dress in Brick Red Print

Blake Empire Dress in Teal

Blake Empire Dress in Nude

Madison Tiered Babydoll Dress

Alexis Crochet Dress in Coral

Alexis Crochet Dress in Light Grey

That said, I'm very grateful for my other job that really helps to pay the bills, otherwise this site would not be functioning. I wish sometimes things could be easier to get going, but everybody has to start somewhere!
Besides, I think that fashion has evolved in leaps & bounds in the past few years that I've come back to Singapore. We have many more young emerging designers, plenty of online blogshops and frequent launches of international designers setting up stores here. I'm excited to know what the future brings for the fashion industry here! And glad that I am a part of it~ xo

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Think the scene outside of the fashion weeks was even better than the shows themselves this season. Cool it girls & fashion editors show us how to style up our looks with no fear! Lots of neon brights & prints, huge envelope clutches, piles of chunky bracelet, ethnic details etcetc...These girls definitely have a headstart on Spring 2012!

Mad for Kate! She is sooo cool!! Kate Lamphear, fashion editor for ELLE

Leelee Sobieski  & Alexa Chung in Proenza Schouler

Leigh Lezark, looking very elegant



Amazing colours, dramatic skirts,  preppy, poppy, and soo wearable.!
This season's collections in general have been disappointing, maybe because there hasn't been too much of the OTT stuff, just very very wearable stuff. Some would possibly even say mainstream. Hmm.. not that I mind.. But I am pretty sure we will see plenty of knock offs down the line..


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I like the PS guys because they're very consistent. They bring these new techniques & fabrications to their collections, and yet each time, you can always tell it's their style. They may use a similar color tone, lots of prints with black based backgrounds etc, but it always seems different to me. Plus it's always so ladylike (those skirts that end just above the knee!) but with such a cool edge and never boring , any girl can still wear it out. This is a brand legacy in the making!!



Icy cool minimalism. Funny I always had the impression of Phillip Lim being a very funky dark navy/gold/embellishments kind of label, but lately it's just been all this minimalist color blocking stuff. It's very Californian for sure, very cool and very easy to wear. No weird crafty accents circa Proenza Schouler Fall 2011 RTW that everyone seems to be copying. Badly, I might add. This is.. refreshing!