Hhmmm... Been trying to regroup & rethink things. Due to unforeseen circumstances, many things in my brilliant schedule have been pushed back & I've felt like I've become extremely cagey, stuck in a rut and just very very annoyed. I think I'm not getting relevant advice for a very small clothing line that is bootstrapping it!

The thing about starting a business is that people try to tell you what you should be doing, and there are lots of things that you feel you should be doing, but you also have to know what may or may not work for you and whether you can afford to. Considering it's just me doing this, I feel like I have to follow my instincts - there are some things that may work for other clothing lines, other blogs, etc - but I really don't think it fits mine. So what do you do? You say "Thanks for the advice!" and move on.

I think I will be posting less these few days while I figure out what's going on.