I was browsing through Facebook and stumbled upon this new store in Singapore. Located at the new TripleOne building at Somerset, Nuage stocks merchandise from Korea & HK.
One of the brands that they stock is Hanalie (, which is a new clothing brand from HK started by a pair of friends. Even though the pair do not have any formal training in design, they have access to HK's great fabric market and tailors. Even better, they have a great fan & friend in Kary Ng, a pop singer in HK, who sometimes wears their clothing on her fashion blog at No doubt that these connections would greatly help in the success of their brand.

Pics from Nuage's FB page

Kary in Hanalie

I've talked about how sometimes Singapore's market is so small & that we are often at a disadvantage, but the Internet is an amazing tool for overcoming many barriers. Just like what it has done for bloggers, it is also a great way for fledging clothing brands to bypass the conventional channels of distribution & gain a foothold into the retail industry with little resources. Especially in Asia where there isn't an established form of wholesale distribution or that locals prefer to buy foreign brands, the internet allows brands to find like-minded consumers who appreciate them & want something different.

5 ways to succeed for new online clothing brands

1) Establish a strong concept for your brand
2) Have access to raw materials & labour
3) Know someone in the online media world, for eg. a blogger
4) Have a friend's boutique stock your stuff (for greater exposure)
5) Market & sell to the world

Wishing all those young ladies great success!

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