Julianne Moore for Bulgari 2010

So I finally got to watch Chloe the movie, which featured Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried and Liam Neeson in a love triangle. I swear Julianne keeps getting better with age! But I had this other picture of her in mind, you know the ad from Bulgari, with her deep burgundy colored hair, half covered in expensive swathes of fabric, lying amongst some lovely velvet throw cushions, and yes holding a cockatoo or two. It's not hard to imagine her as the same character in the movie, the hidden sensual side of Julianne Moore.

No wonder I was delighted when I saw the next photo campaign for Fall Winter 2010 Bulgari on designscene.net. How can I say this - I'm a sucker for photoshoots based on a series. Time to start collecting tearsheets! You never know when you'll need to pull this tearsheet out years later so that you can reference back to this point in time, or look or colour. I'm not sure that I'll want to buy the bags in the advertisement, but I'm definitely sold on the image!