Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blueprint Singapore 2010

Another event that I'm looking forward to is the Blueprint fashion trade show that showcases many local and international fashion labels such as Al & Alicia, Vice & Vanity, Greyhound, Yeojin Bae & KTZ.
Taking place from 29 April - 1 May, the show will not only be for fashion buyers and other industry members, but will also be opened up to the public for a limited shopping event on the last day. The list of mainly local labels looks very promising, and I am pretty sure the shopping event will be full of fashion, music & tsk tsk, one or two of those "exclusive" fashion parties...
Click here for the official website.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Audi Fashion Festival

The Audi Fashion Festival 2010 in Singapore is coming up!
28 April - 2 May 2010 at the Tent@Orchard.
Anchored by heavyweights such as DSquared & Roberto Cavalli who are coming here for the first time, it promises to be a week of high end glamour & fashion.
I'm kind of disappointed that there is only 1 local label alldressedup that is showing, but on the line there is also the Samsung Designer Showcase that possibly has other local designers lined up, although there are no details yet.
Head to Audi Fashion Festival for the schedule & more details.

Bazaar@ Inside Out Party

Finally! I'm doing this flea market thing at the Singapore Art Museum at 8Q 8 Queen Street on 20th March from 6.30pm-2am. Museum opens late, with music, art & other performances, but more importantly lots of things to buy, including handmade jewellery, used books, clothes & bags..
See you there!

Click here to join the Facebook event page and for more details.

Monday, March 15, 2010

3 movies to watch

Sometimes you just want to watch a movie to see the fashion & styling of the characters. More often than not, you end up getting a very well thought out film, that not only pays attention to the characters' wardrobes, but also characterization, cinematography and plot.

Here are 3 movies that I'm looking forward to:

A Single Man
Tom Ford's directorial debut about a gay man dealing with the death of his partner has won highly acclaimed reviews.
Opens in Singapore on April 1 2010.

Alice in Wonderland
The quirkiness of this film by Tim Burton is balanced with Alice's ever-changing wardrobe.
Out now in theatres.

Looking forward to Atom Egoyan's latest film which is a love triangle between characters played by Amanda Seyfried, Julianne Moore & Liam Neeson.
Opens July 1 2010

Pictures via here, & here