Shaggy Coats

My friend C saw this cool white furry cardigan at a fashion show we were at the Mandarin Gallery last Thursday, and afterwards, dragged me to every store to find the damned thing.
Finally, she saw it at People of Asia, where they had displayed a black colored version in the window. She eventually purchased the original white one, but asked me how it was possible to wear a black version of it without looking like a gorilla.
Shaggy coats are really not my thing, but I remembered seeing this street scene photo from Mr Newton on the Refinery29 website:

She looks all round and plump and cosy in her coat. Definitely not anywhere near a gorilla.

For the rest of us fashion plebeians, I'd say go for a coat with smoother and thinner hairs, some good quality faux fur and stay away from the black to avoid looking like an animal or worse still an old shaggy bathroom rug.

photo via ASOS