Is it Possible to Fall in Love With a City?

Many many reasons to fall in love with this city - the city of Angels..
I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has, but oh, what I would do to go back there in a heartbeat!

My favourite movie of 2009 was no doubt <<500 Days of Summer>>. Not so much the overly realistic love story between the two leads but that it was shot entirely in downtown LA that I know & have come to love so well. Having spent a good few years living & working in downtown LA itself, I have developed a knack for pointing out city scenes in movies that were shot in LA (eg. the opening Sandman sequence in Spiderman 3 that was on TV last night).

I digress. <<500 Days of Summer>> is one of my favorites personally because it really romanticised LA & showed a side of the city that hasn't been touched on in the movies. I also love all the grittiness/ghetto-ness of LA itself, something that you often see too much of in the movies. Of course, there is much much more to LA than what you see on movies & TV shows like Entourage, the Hills or even TMZ, but I always get a little homesick when I watch them. I believe LA is to Entourage what NYC was to Sex And the City - the 5th character in the show. I also believe that although LA has always been seen as second to NYC, New York is not the only concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

As I sit here reminiscing, I can only hope against all hope that I get to go back there someday & live out my dreams...

photos via Esquire, LAist

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