Friday, January 29, 2010

The Spring of the Preppy Hipsters

Ah, this is exactly how I feel like today:

Spring 2010 Boy by Band of Outsiders

Just to add to it, let's throw in some Jason Schwartzman for good measure.

And maybe a little Bored to Death on HBO, Rayban Wayfarers, and Vampire Weekend's new album Contra.

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Chanel Pastels

Maybe I'm getting the late night munchies, but these FABULOUS Spring tweed suits from Chanel look like a bunch of macaroons - good enough to eat!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Victoria's Secret Store in Asia Opens Tomorrow!

Brought in by Malaysian retailer Valiram Group, this will be the 1st ever Victoria's Secret store in the region, located at the newly opened Resorts World Casino in Singapore.
I am psyched!! Even if there's nothing else open at the resort, surely this will pull the crowd in!

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Local Fashion in the News

This has been in the news lately:
Bid to turn Singapore into fashion hub
Oy! I don't want to go into my whole spiel about how fashion encompasses a whole lifestyle & not just an industry, & that you need to encourage sharing of ideas & an open environment to nurture creative industries etc.
And compounded with our year-round tropical weather and the fact that we don't really have much of a domestic industry anymore, i doubt we are poised to take over as Asia's fashion hub anytime soon.

, there have also been a number of young local designers featured in the press recently & I have been taken with this particular one: ELOHIM by Sabrina Goh.

The designs, styling & overall look of the label are right up my alley. I love the edgy, structured cuts & the dark outlook! The styling in her photoshoots is definitely up to par with the fashion mags. You can definitely see that she had put a lot of thought into her whole collection. And last of all, the prices are really affordable, ranging from $39.90 - $200.90 for everything from knit tops to necklaces to jeans and dresses.

You can purchase her clothing on her website or at these stores which also sell other local labels like Reckless Ericka:
Soon Lee at 56 Haji Lane
Blackmarket at 19 Jalan Pisang

Go check it out!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What I Want to Wear Now aka Fantasy Wardrobe

So a status update: I am still living out of my suitcase that contained only 2.5 week's worth of clothes & am unable to gain access to my full wardrobe...UGH!!
It is almost a nightmare - I am still living in my summer casuals, when really it should be nice & dark & wintry. I do love having my complete set of things around me, because I often dress according to my mood that day.
With the help of the Polyvore website (which is a neat fashion collage/trend board website), I have come up with 3 different looks as part of my envisioned "Fantasy Wardrobe". This is why I like to blog about fashion, because I can search for lovely expensive clothing & post delightful photos of them but my wallet stays fat. After all, how many people can really afford both the lovely Acne wedge boots AND that Thakoon shirt?..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The End of the End

left to right: Pre-Fall 2010 J.Mendel, Thakoon, Rag & Bone

2010 is here, 2009 has come & gone. Every blog has put up their version of the Best & Worst of 2009 in fashion blah blah blah & basically talked about the same thing:

The Rise of the Fashion Blogger into Stardom

Was reading Gawker's article about how this has spiraled out of control & hopes it's a trend that will die.
Yeah, I never found it terribly inspiring either. As someone who does work in the industry, it's never fun to realise that people without any relevant background are suddenly stars. Call it sour grapes, but this industry is horribly competitive & ruthless that we don't delight in seeing our peers get to the forefront, at least not before we do.
Case in point: The Rodarte sisters who themselves have no formal education in design have been the darlings of the fashion circuit & namely Vogue. Now their latest muse is Tavi Gevinson a 13 year old fashion blogger who was invited to sit in the front row of New York Fashion Week in Sept 2009.
Add on to that - the debut of Jane Aldridge's (of Sea of Shoes blog fame) collab shoe line at Urban Outfitters & Rumi Neely's (fashiontoast blogger) collab with streetwear brand RVCA etc etc.
Part of this so-called blogger stardom trend was one of the reasons I was so hesitant about starting just another random fashion blog. Let's hope that this blog allows me to share just some pretty graphics, cool news & fun things to see & do...

Meanwhile, how about some stuff that we can look forward to in THIS YEAR of 2010?

Reasons to Be Cheerful, 2010
Spring 2010 Fashion Trends
ELLE's Pre Fall 2010 page

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Why a Certain A. Wang is a Genius!

Trust Alexander Wang to come up with this!
New sunglasses collab with the US store Opening Ceremony.
Click here to read more. LOVES LOVES.

Is it Possible to Fall in Love With a City?

Many many reasons to fall in love with this city - the city of Angels..
I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has, but oh, what I would do to go back there in a heartbeat!

My favourite movie of 2009 was no doubt <<500 Days of Summer>>. Not so much the overly realistic love story between the two leads but that it was shot entirely in downtown LA that I know & have come to love so well. Having spent a good few years living & working in downtown LA itself, I have developed a knack for pointing out city scenes in movies that were shot in LA (eg. the opening Sandman sequence in Spiderman 3 that was on TV last night).

I digress. <<500 Days of Summer>> is one of my favorites personally because it really romanticised LA & showed a side of the city that hasn't been touched on in the movies. I also love all the grittiness/ghetto-ness of LA itself, something that you often see too much of in the movies. Of course, there is much much more to LA than what you see on movies & TV shows like Entourage, the Hills or even TMZ, but I always get a little homesick when I watch them. I believe LA is to Entourage what NYC was to Sex And the City - the 5th character in the show. I also believe that although LA has always been seen as second to NYC, New York is not the only concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

As I sit here reminiscing, I can only hope against all hope that I get to go back there someday & live out my dreams...

photos via Esquire, LAist