It's Not Easy Being Green~

So much for all the "you can create your own luck/destiny", I kind of caved & went to see a Chinese fortune teller to improve my luck. Amongst many other juicy things that he told me (you will have to ask me personally!), he said that I needed more of a WOOD element to balance out my weak FIRE element & that meant wearing more GREEN colored clothing.

I must have given him a look of disdain. I'm currently in my Black, Black, "All Black Everything" clothing phase & have pretty much given up anything colored.
The first thing I thought about when the word green clothing came to mind was pretty much something to this effect:

Yes the infamous Versace JLO dress that dropped jaws but not in a good way. Or some horribly long goddess gown. Or something like this:

Sighs, no wonder I was averse to this color! But as I went along & started digging stuff out of my closet, I realised that I did have a number of green colored clothing & that sometimes it's really okay to be wearing something other than black. I do think that I have felt more lively & free after adding more color into my wardrobe~

Now.. if only my closet included some lust-worthy Lanvin dresses like these for New Year's Eve!!